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ESD Conductive Tile



  • Clean rooms – CONDUCTIVE TILE meets  requirements in clean rooms as strict as class 10 based on its high-tech know-how by over 740 research and manufacturing staff.  It has low carbon  contamination and low emission and is independent of room temperature  and humidity and is highly suitable for special clean room maintenance techniques; Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Optics, Aerospace, Pharmaceutics, Biotechnology, etc.
  • Electronics Manufacturing Assembly, Test Areas – ESD CONTROL TILE is permanently  installed material that helps protect sensitive electronic devices, assemblies, and products from personnel-generated electrostatic discharge.
  • Access Flooring  - is suitable for use on access flooring.  It can easily be perforated without risk of rough edges or the tile cracking or breaking.  Major manufacturers of raised or access flooring are experienced in the use of  ESD CONTROL TILE.
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment and Telecommunications Environments – ESD-CONTROL TILE controls static discharges into computer terminals or other sensitive electronic equipment, thus preventing damage to internal circuitry, incorrect entries or retrieval, loss of computer memory or other malfunction.  It protects large data processing facilities, computerized typesetting and drafting equipment, process control equipment, communications installations, and other static sensitive equipment and instrument.
  • Health Care – ESD CONTROL TILE -  helps control involuntary personnel movement caused by electrostatic discharge prevent hazardous static discharge directly into patients and prevent fire or explosion where flammable anesthetics are used.

conductive tiles

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