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Earthquake Mitigation Device

worksafeThe recent incidents of earthquakes across Asia, including the Philippines, has compelled the business community to take a good hard look at its business continuity infrastructure and programs, as well as any measures that can safeguard their people and equipment. The 9.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated major cities in Japan and cost thousands of lives only last March was a particularly sobering wake-up call.

Out of the debris, though, one source of hope that emerged and which helped to put some companies back on track, at a pace faster than their colleagues and competitors, was the protection of their vital data and other crucial information through the ISO-Base Seismic Isolation Platform. Don Hubbard, the founder of Worksafe Technologies, the Valencia-based firm that created and manufactured the ISO-Base, received reports from clients in Japan that the latter had helped maintain and continue operational activity throughout the mega-quake and its aftershocks; operations ceased or temporarily stopped only when the power in the concerned facilities themselves were interrupted. The data housed in the storage areas protected by the ISO-Base were also preserved. More details about this can be found in the news report at

What the ISO-Base is and how it works:

  • isoThe most effective way to protect your mission-critical and expensive electronic equipment.
  • It uses a patented "geometry specific" isolation bearing to decouple the equipment (or any structure) from damaging ground motions. The bearing is 100% gravity-restoring which means that after the shaking stops, it will smoothly return to its original location.
  • The bearing also works as a white-noise filter virtually eliminating the transfer of seismic vibrations into sensitive componentry.
  • If all other peripheral systems (such as power) stay up and running, your isolated equipment can and will continue to operate and process data right on through a major earthquake.
  • Works by using the principle of Base isolation to decouple seismic shock and vibration from the equipment through the use of our patented Ball-N-Cone™ Technology.

Its world-class standards:

  • Our ISO-Base™ base-isolation technology passed the intense UBC-Bellcore Engineering
    Test (R7.5)
  • iso

    Proven to exceed Seismic Zone 4 Requirements
  • Winner Best Product Award, 2004 National Earthquake Conference (USA)

Where the ISO-Base platforms are used:

  • Data Centers and Computer Rooms for securing mainframes
  • LAN racks
  • Electronics enclosures
  • All types of critical equipment.
  • In Clean Rooms and Laboratories for protecting sensitive tools and instrumentation
  • In manufacturing plants to protect heavy machinery

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