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About Us
about usDCDC, Data Center Design Corporation, is the Philippines' pioneer in computer support port systems - known for outstanding technical expertise, and world-class products.

DCDC is YOUR TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. The leading provider of state-of-the-art and cost-effective products designed for data centre and other critical spaces—

Computer Grade/Precision Air-conditioning Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), System to Supply, Power Conditioners, Power Distribution and Monitoring Systems, TVSS, Process Chillers, Site Monitoring Products, Raised/Access Floors for Data Center/Critical Spaces and Office Building Application, Conductive Tiles and Carpet Tiles, and ISO-BASE Seismic Device.

DCDC means dynamic and innovative individuals committed to guarantee to keep your business in business.

DCDC is comprised of architects, civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics & communications and computer engineers with over three hundred (300) years of man hour experience.

It provides unparalleled capability for:

  • Planning and Design for Critical Application Facilities
  • Construction and Project Management
  • 24 Hours Sales Support services


mission visionOUR VISION

To be a dedicated business partner and solutions provider.


We are one family deeply committed to GOD, our country and our people with a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility.

We are a highly motivated team composed of competent, innovative and service-oriented individuals who continue to attain professional and personal growth while working in an environment characterized by transparency, mutual trust and understanding.

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auality and policyWe at DCDC make the commitment to first understand our customers’ needs and expectations. Then meet or exceed them by delivering the right products and services defect-free on time, every time. We believe that every member of our organization is responsible for quality and quality improvement.



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First LIEBERT Precision Aircon in the Philippines
Asian Development Bank
First LIEBERT DATAWAVE Magnetic Synthesizer in the Philippines
Benguet Corp.
First TATE All Steel Access floor in the Philippines
Asian Development Bank
First LIEBERT Central Monitoring System in the Philippines
Texas Instrument
First Turnkey Project in the Philippines
United Coconut Planters Bank
First LIEBERT Precision Power Center in the Philippines
United Coconut Planters Bank
First LIEBERT Redundant UPS in the Philippines
Asian Development Bank
First LIEBERT MPU 400 Hz Frequency Converter in the Philippines and Asia
First LIEBERT TVSS in the Philippines and Asia
Eastern Telecoms
First Industrial Cooling System in the Philippines and Asia
Music Semicon
First LIEBERT 100% Parallel Redundant UPS in the Philippines
Union Bank of the Philippines
First DCDC Clean Room Construction Project
Fujitsu Philippines
First LIEBERT Precision Aircon for Building Application in the Philippines
Allied Bank Center
First LIEBERT Intelecool in the Philippines
First 100% TATE Raised Floor Building in the Philippines
Philamlife Tower, Makati City
DCDC is the first ISO 9001:2000 Certified in the computer support industry
First Multiple Industrial Cooling Systems in the Philippines
First 800KVA Liebert Hipulse UPS in the Philippine
First Pneumatic Tube Transport System installation in Medical City
First Liebert XD Cooling System installation at Cybergate 3
2010 First ISO Base quake mitigation installation in the Bank of America



For more than two decades now, DCDC, as the Enterprise Business Partner of Emerson/Liebert in the country, has been supplying, installing and maintaining Liebert equipment in the Philippines.

DCDC Experience

why choose dcdcFrom the 1st Liebert precision aircon (2 units of 15-TR) supplied at Asian Development Bank in 1981 and Liebert UPS supplied at Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in 1980, DCDC continuously supplied and installed hundreds of precision aircon and UPS to all important and valuable economic pillars in the country. The partnership between Liebert and DCDC has been a reliable one sought after by companies and institutions which believe in quality, dependability and commitment to keep business in business.

Liebert Brand Under ENP

thropyLiebert is a product brand of the Emerson Network Power (Emerson) under Emerson Group of Companies founded in 1890 and considered as the global product/market leader with solid financial position.

Emerson Network Power offers technology-driven products and solution across wide range of industries providing “grid to chip” solutions capability. It is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end system solutions.

Whether UPS, Climate and Environmental Systems including Precision Airconditioning, Shelters and Enclosures, DC Power Systems, Automatic Transfer Switches, Power Conditioning and Power Distribution Units, or Professional Services, DCDC and Emerson Network Power bring together the most advanced technology and engineering to develop complete power networks with high nines reliability for the most critical always-on-business segments like data centers and computer networks, call centers, telecommunications, internet infrastructure and services, process industries, power generation, industrial application and medical electronics.

Liebert UPS & Precision Aircon

Liebert UPS offers the most reliable protection for mission-critical systems with field-proven reliability, high-efficiency, compact design and superior handling of non-linear and step loads.

Liebert Precision Aircon is the industry standard for both energy efficiency and precision. It integrates high efficiency compressors, advanced microprocessor control system and computer-optimized cooling coil, ensuring a more efficient use of energy with more precise control of temperature and humidity. Reliability is enhanced by fewer and less stressful compressor starts for reduced wear.

After Sales Service

why choose dcdcDCDC, through Emerson Network Power Global Service, provides assurance that your systems will be up and running 24/7 with products and services that are both cutting-edge and cost-effective.

Emerson GS employs highly trained professional engineers who are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always ready to attend to all your needs with equipment and tools and stock of adequate spare parts. It offers maintenance contracts tailored to the clients requirements.

Quality Plus Experience

DCDC and Liebert/Emerson provide the broadest product/solution offering in the market, delivered in ways that our competitor cannot. Quality equipment and services backed up by experience non pareil - DCDC and Liebert won't let you down!

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