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“An avatar is something that embodies something else. In Hinduism, the different gods can take many different forms, and when they took human forms, the human was their avatar. Eventually, the word avatar came to mean the embodiment not just of a god, but also of any abstract idea.”

In the Philippines, that abstract idea took the form of a solid, tangible entity — a huge containerized Data Center which initially housed over a hundred blade servers and can easily expand its rack capacity up to five times. This is a feat only a company with a vision like Globe Telecom could execute in record time.


The First in the Philippines

Designed and built by Data Center Design Corporation (DCDC) in partnership with Emerson Network Power, the world class and cutting-edge infrastructure called Avatar is a “huge leap forward for data center technology in terms of value and benefits with regard to speed of deployment and flexibility,” said Henry Aguda, Chief Information Officer of Globe Telecom

Aguda affirmed that the new data center will herald IT facilities of Globe using advance technologies in modular data center design, a first in the Philippines. This site has a fully redundant 10 Gbps network interconnectivity that is expandable to 60 Gbps. It is powered by 2.5 megawatt generator sets with 72 hours of reserve fuel. It utilizes parallel redundant power systems (2N configuration design) and aisle containment cooling.

Aesthetically, the building is an architectural rendition which conforms with the latest international and local standards, laws and design codes, adopting a state-of-the-art transformational modular infrastructure.


DCDC’s First

Built on a six-hectare area out of a 12-hectare property, DCDC designed a Tier III data center fully adherent to Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) 942 Standards ready to support emerging and future technologies for the next 10 years.

Founded in 1983, DCDC builds data centers, and for 32 years now, has been a total solutions provider, a one-stop shop for every piece of equipment and technological machinery needed to power businesses’ infrastructure and maintain their capabilities.

Although the first of its kind in the Philippines, Globe Avatar is only one of the big data centers that DCDC has built over the years. Its operations are hinged on the tagline, “We build your Data Center to keep business in business.”


Pioneering Modern Technology in Data Center

This pioneering effort of Globe to utilize the latest modern technology in its data center will redound to the benefit of its consumers. “Our customers will appreciate the potential for them to scale-up without impacting their existing operations and manage their operating costs while meeting their dynamic business demands," Aguda ended.

Indeed, Globe customers are reaping the benefits of Avatar. During the recent calamities, Avatar came to the rescue. Thus, initiatives to further expand the containerized data center solution is already in the works.






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