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24 Hours On-Call

24 hours callWith this, our end users are assured of our continuous service even if their call falls beyond office hours. We have a support team of well trained engineers, equipped with state-of-the-art test and measuring tools, who are always on standby to take your call and respond anytime of the day, seven days a week. We also have adequate stocks of spare parts here and abroad readily available when needed.

Total Customer Satisfaction is the main objective of DCDC. Aside from pro-viding our customer with the best quality equipment, we also extend the best quality service. In addition to preventive and corrective maintenance (PM/CM) we also include a 24-hour on-call service on maintenance schemes for the various equipment we service.

Attend to customers call, 24-hrs on-call vehicle equipped with complete common spare parts, industrial gases and basic materials used for preventive, predictive or corrective maintenance.


Preventive Maintenance

preventive maintenanceTo ensure an accurate and properly working equipment, operating parameters are measured and recorded according to the manufacturer's specifications. Infrared thermo scanning of critical parts monitors any abnormal temperature without equipment shutdown for optimum equipment
performance. Includes cleaning of condenser and evaporator, coils de-clogging of drain line, cleaning of air filters, checking of electrical reliability, inspection of all moving parts, measurement of current drawn & operating pressures and visual inspection of the unit. After the PM activity, a comprehensive report is submitted to the customers, equipped with state-of-the-art test and measuring tools, who are always on standby to take your call and respond anytime of the day, seven days a week. We also have adequate stocks of spare parts here and abroad readily available when needed.


Corrective Maintenance

Expert and field-trained service engineers describe the underlying causes of component failure and immediately put your equipment back to normal operation. This includes leak testing, repair and recharging of Freon gas. Recommendation for replacement of appraised spare parts is made before equipment failure occurs. Personnel safety is highly considered in all activities. Personnel are equipped with reliable protective gears during operations.


Superior Maintenance Program

In acquiring our services, you have four options to choose from which best suits your needs.

OPTION A - Comprehensive Mission (Critical Maintenance Program). Services include periodic preventive maintenance inspection plus unlimited number of corrective maintenance service calls on a 24-Hour On-Call basis, 365 days a year. All defective or worn out parts will be replaced at no additional cost (not including compressors, air-filters, fuses, refrigerant, industrial gases, input/output transformers, coils, inductors and batteries).

OPTION B - Comprehensive Maintenance Program Similar to OPTION A, excluding 24-Hour On-Call Service.

OPTION C - Standard Mission (Critical Maintenance Program). Periodic Preventive Maintenance inspections plus unlimited number of Corrective Maintenance Services on a 24-Hour On-Call Basis, 365 days a year. Replacement parts not included.

OPTION D - Standard Maintenance Program similar to OPTION C, excluding 24-Hour On-Call Service.


Battery Maintenance

Careful selection of a good maintenance program of lead-acid batteries leads to a maxi-mum efficiency and peak performance. In order to establish system history, individual battery parameters are regularly recorded during maintenance.


User Orientation

userUpon start-up of equipment, proper orientation on the basic operation and troubleshooting procedures is conducted to further enhance customer's familiarity with the equipment. User's orientation includes:

  • Unit start-up and shutdown procedures.
  • Familiarization of controls and basic function of the unit.
  • Alarms interpretations.
  • Basic troubleshooting procedures.

In order to appreciate the role of DCDC in servicing your equipment, training and seminars are offered and conducted for the customers.

As a result, DCDC's relationship with its customers is enhanced. DCDC willingly shares time, knowledge skills and expertise in order to serve its highly valued customers.


Effective Monitoring and Control of Maintenance Work

  • Review tomorrow’s schedule.
  • Safety Discussion.
  • Assign right people to needed work.
  • Discuss things to be done tomorrow.
  • Flexibility is limited by skills.
  • Verify parts early and withdraw as needed.

The Designing of a Data Center

  • Computer room design and construction
  • IT site assessment/evaluation
  • Site preparation and construction
  • Data center facility health check-up
  • Planning and design for critical facilities
  • Project management
  • 24-hour after sales support service
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