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Precision Cooling
Liebert DS

emersonThe Liebert DS is designed to fit virtually any room application requiring high level precision control of room environment, including temperature, humidity, filtration and airflow.

Designed For Energy Efficiency

liebert dsLiebert is dedicated to providing maximum energy efficiency in its precision cooling systems without compromising the accuracy and reliability demanded by sensitive electronics. All enhancements to energy efficiency are designed to reduce operating time of key components and increase the Mean Time Between Failure. This is accomplished by taking advantage of alternate sources of cooling without being dependent on their availability or by minimizing compressor operation when heat loads in the conditioned space are lower. Energy savings is also gained through the use of high efficiency components such as advanced digital scroll and 4-step semi-hermetic compressors.

Downflow Configurations

Designed for use in raised floor applications, such as data centers, the Liebert DS downflow configuration combines top air return with bottom air supply to circulate air underneath the floor.

Quality, Rugged Construction

The durable design of the Liebert DS provides a stable, virtually vibration less platform for compressor and fan operation.

Autophoretic® frame coating — protects frame against corrosion for years of reliable service.

Welded frame — 14 gauge steel provides rugged construction, proven to withstand shipping and handling through ISTA certified ship testing.

Durable powder coated exterior panels — look good and stay that way.

Slot and tab sheet metal — for consistent, quality construction.

Optional double-skin panels — eliminate insulation in the air stream.

Optional Floorstands — Adjustable standard and seismicrated floorstands allow for installation and connection of the system prior to the installation of the raised floor. Available in heights from 6” to 36” (152 to 914 mm). A field installed turning vane may be specified.


Total front access provides space and serviceability benefits not found on previous models or competitive units. The Liebert DS can be placed adjacent to or in back of other equipment or against a wall or partition. All key components visible and accessible — from the front of the unit for easy maintenance and removal. Compressors removable from front — isolated from air stream for easier maintenance.

Modular Frame Construction

The unit’s modular frame construction allows even more flexibility in meeting specific needs for installation, energy efficiency and other special requirements. Frame can be field separated into three sections — enables unit to fit into small elevators or through other tight spaces.

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The Challenger 3000 is a self-contained system. The status and control panel is on the front, and all control functions are menu-driven. You have complete control of your environment at all times.

Challenger 3000 includes all environmental functions—cooling, reheat, dehumidification,
humidification, and filtration—and an intelligent control system to make sure every function works in harmony with the other. Installation is fast, and maintenance is easy. All systems are factory tested.

Designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The inherently efficient scroll compressor has an EER of 11.3. Microprocessor-based controls intelligently determine operational requirements and minimize
Footprint is a mere 7.3 square feet, with front access to all interior components for maintenance and service.

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Deluxe System 3


By taking advantage of your existing airconditioning chiller, the Deluxe System/3 Chilled Water System provides thrifty, durable cooling and humidity control around the clock, throughout the year. The full line of Liebert chilled water systems use microprocessor-based controls to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels, while the cooling hardware is designed and built for continuous, trouble-free operation.

Small footprint — big performance. More cooling capacity per square-foot of floor space than any other chilled water system.

Component Flexibility. Many options are available to choose from in order to configure a system for your specific site requirements.
More Cooling Capacities. Available in nine cooling capacities, with either upflow or downflow configuration.
Local Service and Support. Your local factory trained service representative is
available around the clock to support your critical systems.
Extended Warranties. Extend service contracts and component warranties to ensure best equipment operation.

The Liebert Deluxe System/3 Chilled Water System offers rugged, Affordable environmental control where a central water chiller is available.

  • Data Processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Other Critical Electronic Systems


Total environmental control is essential for proper operation of your sensitive electronic equipment. The high cost of downtime demands uncompromising reliability and precision year after year. Long recognized as the standard in environmental control systems for computer dependent operations, the Deluxe System/3 is built to the highest specifications in the industry with proven components and design.

  • Upflow or downflow models to suit ducted and raised floor applications.
  • Microprocessor Control. State-of-the-art controls maximize cooling, humidity control, and energy efficiency.
  • Semi-Hermetic Compressors. Designed into the Deluxe System/3, the twin, semi-hermetic
  • compressors are nearly four times as reliable as their hermetic counterparts and provide greater energy efficiency.
  • Liebert Manufactured Condensers & Drycoolers. Only Liebert manufactures its own air-cooled condensers and drycoolers to ensure perfect compatibility.
  • Energy Saving options. GLYCOOL, Four-Step, and Dual-Cooling Source systems are available for even more energy efficiency.
  • Customer Service and Support. 24-hour toll-free hotline. Factory-trained service. Extended Warranties.

Available from 6 to 30 tons, Liebert’s Deluxe System/3 provides reliable environmental control for a variety of applications.

  • Data Processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Processes
  • Medical
  • Other Critical Electronic Systems

deluxe system 3DELUXE SYSTEM 3 – FOUR STEP

The Liebert Deluxe System/3 Four-Step environmental control unit is designed to match the cooling needs of your sensitive electronics, including:



  • Data Processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Processes
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Raised Floor or Ducted Applications Requiring Precise Temperature and Humidity Control

While precise environmental control is a major requirement of critical electronic systems, energy efficiency is also a very important consideration. The Liebert Deluxe System/3 is the industry standard for both energy efficiency and precision. The Four-Step method of control achieves higher levels of efficiency through an integration of high efficiency compressors with capacity control valves, an advanced microprocessor control system, and a computer-optimized cooling coil. This integration ensures a more efficient use of energy with a more precise control of temperature and humidity. In addition, the Four-Step cooling process provides an opportunity to accommodate future growth and equipment changes, efficiently handling small loads now with increased load capacity for the future. Reliability is enhanced by fewer and less stressful compressor starts for reduced wear.

The Liebert Four-Step System is a standard in environmental control for sensitive electronics. Liebert’s no-compromise approach increases energy efficiency while maintaining the reliability and precision of the system. These enhancements increase the performance level of the system and more closely track the cooling load of your critical space.

The Four-Step System Uses Four Primary Components

  • High Energy Compressors. Liebert uses high efficiency semi-hermetic compressors, the standard in the industry (average compressor EER = 11.69).
  • These highly reliable and energy efficient compressors are an integral part of the Four-Step system.
  • A-Frame Evaporator Coil. The Liebert A-Frame coil, designed and manufactured by Liebert, provides maximum performance and improved dehumidification capabilities whether the compressors are operating at full or reduced capacity.
  • Capacity Control Valve. Each high efficiency compressor is equipped with a capacity control valve (CCV). The valves function to regulate compressor capacity by isolating cylinders and providing additional steps of control.
  • Microprocessor Controls. The Deluxe System/3 Four-Step can be programmed to meet the specific and precise needs of any critical space. The result is a level of control previously unavailable in environmental control systems. In addition to local monitoring, control, and alarm indicators, the microprocessor communicates with the Liebert SiteScan monitoring system as part of a total protection network. The Advanced Microprocessor Control and Advanced Microprocessor Control with Graphics are user-friendly with menu-driven monitors/control panels.

How the Four-Step System Works

The Liebert Deluxe System/3 Four-Step system achieves four steps of control through the use of two compressors. Each compressor is equipped with an additional capacity control valve for modulation. During steps one and two, the compressors are energized in the capacity controlled mode. While in step one, cooling reaches a level of 38%, using only 25% of the compressor’s energy input. Step two results in 76% cooling, using only 50% of the energy. Steps three and four then increase the first and second compressors to full capacity, only when needed.

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datamateComputer-Match Precision Cooling Designed To Fit The Smallest Spaces

Space-saving. The slim, compact DataMate may be wall- or floor-mounted, and requires minimal service access, limiting floor space requirements.

High sensible cooling capacity. Unlike “comfort” air conditioners, Liebert systems are designed for the cooling requirements of electronic equipment—80% of the capacity dedicated to the removal of dry “sensible” heat, and 20% for control of humidity.

Reliable. The Liebert installed-base is a testimonial to system reliability. Components include a compressor; a high efficiency copper-tube, aluminum-fin evaporator coil; and a double inlet, direct drive fan.

DataMate precision environmental systems are the perfect solution for cramped quarters requiring temperature and humidity control for sensitive electronics. And while the systems are matched to meet the needs of computers, they are also designed to be convenient for the people sharing space with the protected equipment.

Quiet. The units are designed to operate quietly with the compressor vibration isolated from the chassis. The cabinet is also insulated to further ensure quiet operation. On many models, the compressor-containing condensing unit can be remotely located to further reduce noise levels in the controlled space. Quiet-Line outdoor condensing units are available for 6-8 dba sound level reduction over the standard models.

Flexibility options. DataMate systems are available in capacities of 1.5, 2 and 3 tons in air, water, glycol, and a self-contained 3 ton chilled water model. Systems may be configured as self-contained or separated from the condensing unit, depending on the model.

Easy installation. All DataMate components are pre-charged, and require no field brazing, evacuation or charging. Pre-charged refrigerant lines are available to connect evaporator and remote condensing unit modules when required.

Two-speed fan operation. High speed provides quiet operation and maximum cooling. Low speed provides maximum dehumidification and lowest sound level. The speed can be automatically or manually selected.

Corrosion-Resistant Frame and Cabinet. Durability is ensured with Autophorectic frame coating, and Powder Coated Paint panels.

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Mini Mate 2

mini mate 2Designed To Meet Your Site Needs

High sensible cooling capacity. Unlike “comfort” air conditioners, Liebert systems are designed for the cooling requirements of electronic equipment ­ 80% of the capacity dedicated to the removal of dry “sensible” heat, and 20% for the control of humidity.

Reliable. Based on a field-proven system, the Mini-Mate2 is manufactured with rugged, efficient components. To ensure 365 days x 24 hours operation at your site, each system is factory tested.

Warranty protection. In addition to the standard one-year warranty, your Liebert representative can offer extended warranties on the unit, compressor, parts and labor.

Preventive Maintenance Programs. Liebert factory certified personnel provide regular inspections and service to extend the life of the system. Ask your local representative.

Liebert Spare Parts. Highest quality parts, designed for your system, are easily available through your Liebert service representative.

Energy Efficient Operation

  • High efficiency Compressor. The rotary or scroll compressor (depending on the model) is both energy efficient and rugged, to ensure continuous operation.
  • Free-cooling Option. A second cooling coil allows the system to take advantage of colder outdoor temperatures and bypass compressor operation.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • The evaporator and indoor condensing units are mounted above the dropped ceiling, requiring minimal site disturbance.
  • Split systems require simple thermostat-type wiring to controls and condensing units.
  • Single point power kits, sweat adapters, condensate pumps, duct adapters and other options are ordered as kits, ensuring availability of required parts and complete compatibility with your system.
  • Units are designed for easy component access, and most can be serviced from the front. (Refer to product submittals, installation manuals or CAD drawings)
  • In addition, standard 60Hz units are NRTL-C listed/certified to meet U.S. and Canadian safety standards, and MEA listed for New York City applications. These agency listings ensure fast, hassle-free inspection and building code approvals.

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