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Monitoring Systems

Sophisticated, High-Availability Monitoring and Infrastructure Management

Essential to business solutions is an environmental monitoring solution and a holistic data center infrastructure management platform that covers physical and IT infrastructure layers in the data center. The ability of a business to understand what has happened, what is currently happening, and what is going to happen through predictive analysis is at the core of corporate security. This platform combines environmental monitoring, capacity planning with gears that enable different levels of complexity in terms of data gathering, pre-set escalations and reporting.

monitoring systemAccessories:

Camera: Monitor equipment in the room with USB port

GPRS Modem: allows the system to notify through email / SMS
(availability and capability vary per country)


Vibration n Temperature and Humidity n Door

Smoke n Water n Motion


Alarm Beacon: Flashing LED beacon provides visual event notification

3-Way Connector/splitter: Provides ‘daisy chain’ sensor additions using standard RJ45 cables

Mounting Magnet: Allows magnetic mounting of sensors or alarm beacons


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